Trainings Approved for IIMC Points

The Arizona Secretary of State, Election Officer Education, Training and Certification Program can certainly be used towards the CMC designation, though not towards the MMC. It will be placed under Continuing Education, and will be scored at 1 point per 6 hours.


ASU / Bob Ramsey Executive Education

Bob Ramsey Executive Education is Arizona's path to earning Certified Public Manager® (CPM), Certified Municipal Clerk (CMC), or Master Municipal Clerk (MMC) credentials.  For more information, please click here. 

$3,250 – Certified Public Manager Program (Arizona State University)
Points: 40 CMC Experience / 40 MMC Advanced Education

$150 – Management and Leadership Institute Seminars (Arizona State University)
Points: 1.75 CMC Education / 1 MMC Advanced Education per seminar
Note: Attendee will earn the Bob Ramsey Executive Education Management and Leadership Institute Certificate after completion of 12 half-day seminars.


IIMC Online Training

The following online courses are available through IIMC for CMC and/or MMC credit.

Webinars:  Non-interactive webinars approved for one CMC Education or one MMC Advanced Education point per two hours with completion of a learning assessment.  This link provides eleven courses ranging in price from $52 - $105.  Participants have 30 days from the date of registration to complete the course.

FEMA:  There is an assortment of FEMA courses that can be used towards CMC or MMC certification.  Courses are updated monthly and available at  There are specific FEMA courses that meet IIMC’s guidelines, so make sure the course you are registering for is listed.

FREE – FEMA Courses:  Points: 1 CMC Experience / 1 MMC Advanced Education or Professional Contribution per 6 hours.  There are 26+ possible points for CMC Experience and 18 possible points for MMC Education/Professional.  Note: MMC level applicants may only take the intermediate to advanced level courses. CMC level applicants may take any level. (Full list of FEMA courses)

Ed2go:  Ed2go has 30 different courses that are applicable to IIMC’s Education Guidelines and can be accessed at .  The courses offered through this program are approximately 24 hours long and the participant will earn:

One CMC Experience point per six hours
One MMC Advanced Education point per six hours
One MMC Professional Contribution point per six hours.

MindEdge:  IIMC has approved 44 MindEdge learning courses for CMC and MMC credit.  The courses can be accessed at and vary in price, including many for $79.

Parliamentary Procedure: Dynamics of Leadership:  Points: 23.3 CMC Experience / 23.3 MMC Advanced Education or Professional Contribution Website: 

Additional Online Courses:  There are various other courses and certificate programs offered through IIMC and can be accessed at: